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About Us

About Us

Welcome To Sunny Miami Tours

Your Premier Destination for Unforgettable City Tours in Miami

Discover the vibrant essence of Miami with Sunny Miami Tours, the #1 city tours company founded in 2021. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Miami's best-known neighborhoods, each tour crafted to ensure you experience the heart of the city. Our expertly guided Miami city tour includes iconic spots such as Wynwood Walls, the famed Art District; the historic Miami Beach, where the captivating history of art deco buildings unfolds; Little Havana, the cultural hub of the Cuban community; Coconut Grove, Miami's oldest and most charming neighborhood; and a final stop at Key Biscayne, capturing the breathtaking Miami skyline.

Our Story

At Sunny Miami Tours Inc, we believe that every traveler deserves a personalized and enjoyable experience. Our journey began with a vision to create small group tours that go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to connect with Miami on a deeper level. Our team of passionate guides is dedicated to showcasing the best-known neighborhoods and hidden gems that define the soul of this tropical paradise.

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Sunny Miami Tours - Wynwood Walls: Discover Artistic Marvels About Us
Little Havana About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Small Group Experiences

We keep our tour groups small, with a maximum of 13 people, ensuring an intimate and personalized adventure for each guest.

New and Sanitized Vehicles

Travel in comfort and safety with our completely new and regularly sanitized sprinter vans.

Passionate Guides

Our knowledgeable guides are not just experts on Miami; they are storytellers who bring the city to life with their enthusiasm and love for what they do.

Our Commitment

Sunny Miami Tours Inc is committed to providing you with the highest quality of service. Whether you're exploring the colorful street art in Wynwood, strolling along the iconic beaches of Miami, or immersing yourself in the Cuban culture of Little Havana, we strive to create memories that last a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sunny Miami Tours Inc

Sunny Miami Tours Inc was founded in 2021 with a passion for showcasing the diverse and vibrant facets of Miami. Our founders envisioned providing travelers with personalized, small group tours to create memorable experiences beyond the typical tourist destinations.

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